Training Services

Our training classes are suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities and we train in a relaxed and friendly environment. We always tailor our approach to what the class needs most and will factor in the needs of each individual puppy or dog. 

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Puppy Class

Our Puppy Class is for puppies up to 20 weeks of age and focuses on the basics of training. We will cover sits, downs, waits and stays, leaving food and lead walking amongst other activities. On Week One puppies will receive a Welcome Pack and we will have a Q and A session to tackle any puppy behaviours encountered by the class.

Class Cost: £60 for a 6 week course

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Beginners Class

Our Beginners Class is suitable for dogs of any age over 20 weeks. We welcome puppies who are graduating from our Puppy Course as well as older dogs who may need some training reminders and rescue dogs of any ability. We cover all the basics from the Puppy class but we build on the skills an older dog needs. Many young dogs will experience some level of 'adolescence' so we can help to reinforce the training learnt in a fun and simple way the dog will enjoy.

Class Cost: £55 for a 6 week course

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Advanced/improvers class

In our Advanced/Improvers class we build upon behaviours the dogs already know and increase the challenge to both aid in real-life situations and to give plenty of mental stimulation. Classes are less formal than our other courses and we focus on setting class goals for each activity to give each dog and handler something to work towards.

Class Cost: £7 per week

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Puppy One to One Sessions

If you are getting a new puppy in your life and would like to get started early, we can offer one to one home sessions to give you a flying start to training. Sessions last around an hour and include an informal discussion about puppy training, behaviour and nutrition as well as starting with some basic training exercises. We will also cover any behavioural niggles you may be having with puppy (we have all been there!) and help to resolve these before they become habit.

Session Cost: £25 per hour