REviews and testimonals

Isabelle & Rufus

Your training has made a huge difference to us. We have been coming now since Rufus was a pup in arms, and we are so grateful for the wonderful advice and encouragement you have given us - and the fun and laughter on the way too. We often get comments on Rufus' super remote downs and stays and I always reply by saying it is all down to his training at Zen.

Ellen, Jo & Evie

It is very calm, dogs and people don't get stressed. You can work at your own pace and not to the group's and there is no pressure. It is about enjoying time with your dog in a supportive atmosphere.

Phil & Lexi

Positives about ZEN - the interaction with the other dogs and the simple instructions

David, Ale & Maple

We love the kindness in the training, it really makes a difference. I think everything is great. We tried a different class and really missed Robyn and her method of teaching.